LED display uses seven common sense

      With the development of society, the range of application of LED display has never been so wide. We can see LED screen everywhere in our daily life. 

Let’s talk about the seven common scenes of using LED screen.

      1、 Check circuit and switch and keep switch dry in case electric leakage.

      2、 Air condition and desiccant will be very effective to keep screen dry.

      3、In raining season, please keep using the screen twice a week.

      4、Appropriate ventilation will prompt the drain on the screen to evaporate soon but it is not a good idea to ventilate in wet weather. 

      5、Check cabinet and parts like waterproof rubber gasket or screw in a regular interval.

      6、In raining day, please turn off power immediately when using indoor rental screen for outdoor purpose. If you don't want to disassemble the screen then you can use waterproof cover to cover the screen. If rain fall continuous, please open the back door of the screen and use dryer to blow it.

      7、It is very necessary to turn on the screen in a regular interval even you plan not to use it for a long while. 

      If you take a good look on these seven common scenes, you can maximize the performance of LED screen and the screen will create a great value for your company.

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