How do we handle with Frequent Trip-out on LED Screen

What is the reason that cause frequent tripping on LED screen? How do we handle it? You will find out the answer after reading this article.

 1、 Tripping caused by inappropriate protection for electric leakage. The installation for full color LED screen is unusual. Wrong cable connection, damaged electric leakage protector and accidental alarm from electric leakage protector are the main reasons cause the situation. In addition, inappropriate distribution of the electric leakage protector on circuit will also cause tripping.

2、 There is no effective second or third level electric leakage protection. The last level of electric leakage protection in the switch box is main protection. A bad choice of the last level protection may trigger upper level protection trip-out. So multiple protection level is very important.

3、 The leakage protector has few limitations. Under high electric current or high voltage, the protector might trip-out easily.

4、 There is a range between rated leakage executed current and non-executed current. So trip-out happens when the leakage current is fluctuate in this rang.

 LED display has wide application in daily life no matter for company or government. So it is necessary to have solutions to solve problems for the screen.

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