Factors that should be paid a good attention on for using LED stage screen.

      As the development of economic, more and more commercial activities are coming. LED rental screen will be perfect choice for these activities. 

      LED rental screen also known as stage screen has become necessity for commercial activities which has stage. Considering that the screen will not be used so long so lease will be a good option for client. Event company will set up everything for clients that is why stage screen will be favorite choice.

      So what are the factors that you will need to pay attentions when choosing LED rental screen? The article below will show you.


      It is very important that choosing a screen company with good credit. In addition, the company has nice quality of the screen and customer service. The price should be upon the size of screen and rental period.


    (1)Photographic distance will better be in the range between 4-10 meters for fill the LED screen nicely.

    (2)An appropriate environment will be required to optimize the performance of the screen. What is more, the working temperature will be very important factor for service life of the screen.

    (3)The threat from dust is also a big matter. The PCD might be hardly damaged by the dust. So it is very important to keep studio clean.

      The factors above are the factors that need to be paid a good attention on. We hope them can help you.

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