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  • Position category
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  • Place of work
  • Release time
  • Operation
  • LED display international sales elite
  • Управление качеством
  • UI дизайнер
  • Пекин
  • 2021.04.15
  • Application for positio
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Promote the company's products through Alibaba, China manufacturing, industry exhibitions and other related platforms, expand overseas markets, and maintain relationships with customers.

    2. Implement the company's designated price and planning to complete the sales task.

    3. Responsible for following up the customer's payment work.

  • Qualifications:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in English, proficient in Russian and Spanish is preferred.

    2. good resilience, communication skills and learning ability.

    3. Have market analysis, market expansion and negotiation skills, and have strong customer service awareness.

    4. cheerful and outgoing, passionate and energetic, dare to challenge, strong ability to resist pressure, be proactive, plan and organized.

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  • Electronics Engineer
  • Класс функции
  • веб-дизайнер
  • Шэньчжэнь
  • 2021.04.15
  • Application for positio
  • Electronics Engineer:

    1.Responsible for the design work of the R&D department's order product or new product electronics:

    2.Ensure that the new product development success rate and order design accuracy of the technology center continue to increase:

    3.Participate in R&D order design, order design review, participate in the establishment, maintenance and upgrade of the company's quality management system;

    4.Participate in the R&D department team building to ensure the continuous improvement of product competitiveness.

  • Qualifications:

    1.Proficient in digital circuits and analog circuits, familiar with the performance and design of various components;

    2.Familiar with analog circuit design and experimental process;

    3.Familiar with the corresponding circuit diagram software; proficient in PCBlayout, can quickly draw four-layer board, can independently develop debugging circuit.

    4.strong hands-on ability, familiar with the debugging and application of LED display control system;

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  • Management reserve
  • Продажи
  • веб-дизайнер
  • Шанхай
  • 2021.04.15
  • Application for positio
  • Training direction:

    LED display production, equipment, quality management related posts

  • Qualifications:

    Bachelor degree or above, major in business management, business administration, etc.

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